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Hermiston - Informational Meeting

Join us for an engaging discussion on candidate recruitment and training in Hermiston.  Help us create a plan to support local candidates to run for office.

OLCS  encourages union members to run for office because union members understand the day to day issues that impact working families in Oregon.  Union members are committed to improving our state for all Oregonians. You bring a vital perspective to public decision-making. Union members across the country serve in a range of elected positions from school boards, city and county offices to statewide offices and congress. You can too.


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to Mar 9

Portland - 6 Month Candidate Training

This intensive six month course on candidate training meets once a month on Saturdays from October through March. We will start accepting applications for the 2018-19 program year in March, 2018. For more information please reach out to Sara Ryan at 

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