Here are some interesting facts about OLCS:

  • 31 alumni have run for publicly elected office
  • 18 alumni won those races
  • Our alumni represent 7 different political parties
  • Our alumni span the state, coming from 12 different counties
  • Our alumni come from over 26 different unions
  • We have trained 89 members since 2012, and this number is growing
  • Closing the gap for underrepresented communities in elected office is a priority for OLCS:  52% of our alumni self-identify as a person of color or LBGTQIA.
  • Gender equity is a goal for OLCS.  Currently women and non-binary people make up 40% of our alumni class. 

Elected alumni (past and current)

State legislature

Teresa Alonso Leon, HD 22

Rob Nosse, HD 24

Sheri Malstrom, HD 27

city council

Sally Cook, Salem

Kylle Allen, Hillsboro

Olivia Alcaire, Hillsboro

Brian Adams, Sandy

Mark Crenshaw, Junction City

school board

Sami Al-Abdrabbuh

Erick Flores, Parkrose School Board

Susan Hardy, Oakridge School Board

Joe Lewis, Scappoose School Board

Scott Mills, North Marion County School Board 

Austin Folnagy, Klamath Falls Community College Board

Michael Sonnleitner, Portland Community College Board

Siobhan Burke, Multnomah Educational Service District

Francisco Acosta, Multnomah Educational Service District

Denyse Peterson, Multnomah Educational Service District