Selection Criteria and Process

OLCS seeks bright, self-motivated union members and allies who are committed to effective and ethical political leadership. Criteria for selection to the School include:

Kamala 2015.jpg
  •      Demonstrated support for the labor movement
  •      Active engagement in your community
  •      Ability to articulate a personal political vision
  •      Demonstrated ability to inspire others
  •      Attend every class
  •      Raise $350 from friends, family and your local
  •      Receives a positive referral from a labor leader


Oregon Labor Candidate School will review completed applications and select finalists to be interviewed by the OLCS selection committee. OLCS participants will be selected following the interview process.


OLCS participants are expected to attend all classes, raise $350 from friends and family for OLCS as part of the fundraising curriculum, and volunteer for a candidate campaign.