Candidate Resource Guide

There are many resources out there for people like you who want to run for public office.  Here are some that we like.  If you have some that you love, please share.

DIY and union printing


useful websites is a service provided by the volunteers at Ragtag to make sure campaign staff and volunteers can get answers to all their questions about campaign technology.

Getting Elected – This is a great podcast to listen to on the road!  Most of the interviews are relevant to down the ballot races.

Political Resources – Includes lots of articles for candidates and campaigns. Some are good.

Resistance School – Free, live-streamed trainings with renowned political campaigners, communicators, organizers, and academics. Founded by graduate students at Harvard in March of 2017. 


Progressive Majority – Candidate trainings and tools for progressive candidates.

Victory Fund – Electing LGBT leaders to change America’s politics.

Wellstone – Extensive resource of online tools for candidate campaigns.

Rural Organizing Project - Leadership training through Western Organization of Resource Council for rural residents.

She Should Run - A national network committed to advancing women and girls in public leadership.

The Living Room CandidateThe Living Room Candidate: Presidential Campaign Commercials 1952-2012 is an online exhibition presenting more than 300 television commercials from every election year since 1952, when the first campaign TV ads aired. 

oregon state websites

ORESTAR – Research campaign fundraising and expenses.  See who has filed for office.

Oregon Legislative Information System – Find out when the Oregon Legislature is in session and when Legislative committees are meeting.

Oregon Secretary of State – Find out election results, file for office, open a PAC and call them for assistance!


Oregon Candidate's Manual – Everything you need to know about running for office in Oregon.

OSBA School Board Candidate Brochure – A useful brochure on running for a School Board seat, including Educational Service District and Community College Boards.


books on campaign management & Communication

Beckwith, Harry. Selling the Invisible  

Caildini, Robert B. Influence, Science and Practice

Hoerr, John. We Can’t Eat Prestige

Kahneman, Daniel. Thinking, Fast and Slow

Issenberg, Sasha. The Victory Lab, The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns

Lakoff, George. don’t think of an elephant!

Ogilvy, David. Ogilvy on Advertising

Sullivan, Luke. Hey Whipple, Squeeze This: The Classic Guide to Creating Ads

Westen, Drew. The Political Brain

Jeff Blodgett, Bill Lofy, Ben Goldfarb, Erik Peterson, and Sujata Tejwani. Winning Your Election the Wellstone Way

books about candidates

Carter, Jimmy. A Full Life, Reflections at 90

Chisholm, Shirley.  Unbought and Unbossed

Lofy, Bill. Paul Wellstone: The Life of a Passionate Progressive