Class Information 2017-2018




  • Finish up your fundraising
  • Invite family, friends, colleagues and donors to graduation
  • Practice your stump speech to give at graduation.
  • Decide what you will wear to graduation—something you would wear to attend a candidate forum or endorsement interview.
  • Bonus: Interview a union leader about their key issues, their political program and endorsement process.
  • Bonus: Volunteer to canvass with an OLCS candidate

Preparing for Endorsements

A List of Some Candidate Endorsers in Oregon

Myths and Facts about Prevailing Wage

Power, Privilege and Racial Diversity in Oregon


Ward 6 by Jim Rokakis (Trigger warning: there is the N word in this article.)

Race and Economic Jeopardy for All: A Framing Paper for Defeating Dog Whistle Politics by Ian Haney Lopez

Voter Pamphlet Template

Message Box - Blank

Practice Makes for a Perfect Presentation by Jerry Weisman

Media & Messaging Presentation

Digital Media Presentation



Homework Reading: Jimmy Carter

Homework: Door knock or phone bank for Measure 101 - Website and RSVP Form

2017 Elections Calendar

Voter Activation Network Presentation

Voter Contact Presentation

My Political Resume

Campaign Staff and Volunteers


Session 2

Homework Reading: Shirley Chisholm

Secretary of State Candidate Quick Guide (2016)

Fundraising Circles Handout

House Party Kit and Guidelines

The Pitch

Fundraising presentation


Session 1

Homework reading: Paul Wellstone

Your Values Your Story

Planning to Run - Critical First Steps

Candidate Bio Excercise

Planning to Run presentation

Participant Fundraising Tracker

Individual Goal: $350 Class Goal: $7,350